You will be able to see my art work, and see how I progress.


Zentangle Sword

Zentangle Sword 

Resolution Project

Clay project

For this sculpture I will be addind a brick style to the middle piece and then leave the outside part twisted. So far this project is going good besides from yesterday day where one part had broken, but I was able to fix it. 

Clay Project 

For this project I am doing a clay sculpture and so far it is going very well. The sculpture is going to be two arches that will be twisting together.

Clay project

For this project I am making a sculpture dealing with bas and with in the round. The in the round part will be the sculpture/ 3D part then the in bas I will be showing brick work in the sculpture that I will be making. So far I have the base, then I will be working on the two arches. So far I like this project and to do it with clay.


For this project I decided to do something else besides hands. So I decided to do the oriochi from the game For Honor. So far for this project I has been a little challenging but it has been very fun to draw this. 

Theme Project

I have finished coloring in the Kukri. At first I was just gong to draw it just with the pencil but then I decided to use charcoal to make everything show up better. Then for the background I used the same type of design from the handle and then I had it radiate around the Kukri. I feel good about this project because I got to draw a knife that is very famous in history and to be able to put my own twist to the blade. 

Theme Sample

For this theme sample I decided to draw a Kukri, which is a type of a knife. For the theme I decided it to be worn out, or defenseless. How I showed this was on how I put stress fractures and chips in the blade and a crack in the handle. So far I think that this project is going very good and that everything is working out just right. This is a work in progress. 

Value Project

So far I have finished drawing out my hands. But now I have decided to do something a little different. I am going to use a pen to show all of the marks on the hand. So far I feel good about doing this but a little hesitant on starting it with pen because you can’t erase a mistake. But it is good to take a chance and to do something different.